SEO Company LA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process in which a web site or web page is prepared to be “crawled” or “spidered” by a search engine. We like to think of this as a “primer” for a website before colors and graphics are added. This is because search engine crawlers cannot see color or graphics. Information must be presented to a search engine in a certain format in order for the search engine to fully understand what your website is about. Therefore the search engine can decide where to rank you and for what keywords and/or keyphrases to rank you under.

The more relevant your website appears to be regarding a certain topic, keywords that are searched relating to that topic will return your website as a valuable resource. This leads to higher organic search rankings as well as much more competitive rates for your Google or Bing Ad (PPC) campaigns.

To properly implement SEO techniques, knowledge and experience in HTML, PHP, ASP, and other programming languages is required.  This enables us to optimize your existing web site without altering its appearance or functionality in any way utilizing the latest Google guidelines.  For a free consultation, give us a call today!